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About us






Baltik Sport in 2006 started work in synthetical covers production and laying stadiums, athletic fields. Company provides a wide variety of covers for synthetical: athletic tracks, stadiums, tennis courts, basket-ball courts, football fields, playgrounds, school gyms and other athletic and team sports places.

All companies offer synthetic coatings have quality and international federations recognition certificates.


Equipped important objects in Lithuania:
• Kaunas S.Darius ir S.Girėnas sports center athletics stadium and a warm-up pitch (IAAF certified for Category II)
Vilnius Vingio athletics stadium.
• Alytus city central stadium.
Tauragė city central  stadium.
Šiauliai  city central stadium.
Panevėžys city Sports Center ,,Aukštaitija stadium.
Druskininkai city athletics stadium and football field with synthetic grass certified FIFA 2 *
Šilutė city central stadium.
Panevėžys city Sports Center ,,AukštaitijaGym.
48 basketball courts at secondary schools: Kaunas, Klaipėda, Panevėžys, Šakiai, Vilnius, Jurbarkas, Alytus town and district.
Tennis courts: Molėtai, Druskininkai, Šilutė, Vilnius, Trakai, Šakiai, Alytus districts.


Company has installed over 100 thousand square meters of synthetical cover in stadiums and sports fields since it has been established. World and Europe championships and other international tournaments took place in the objects we equiped.


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